Wall Art

Before your studio session with us, please take the time to walk around your home, and think about where you would most love to re-live those forever moments. Where would they bring you the most benefit?

Do you need a confidence kick-start during breakfast? A reminder that you are loved unconditionally every time you get home? A cheeky twinkle in your eye in the bedroom? A contented sigh, right before you drift off to sleep?

We’ll work with you to design composites and collections that capture these feelings and complement your décor. You deserve the absolute best and will receive the highest quality, locally produced artworks that will last a lifetime.

When you have your artwork displayed on your walls, you will be able to enjoy those pulse-racing, heart-beating, breath-taking, smile-bringing, happy-tears moments – over and over again, every single day, forever.

The CARY GRANT Composite

Three is not a crowd when it’s your unique portrait reflecting those special nuances of your personality in a triptych (three photographs in one) masterpiece.

The JAMES DEAN Composite

A signature artwork piece that celebrates the story of you in four beautiful and individual precious moments.


Perfectly celebrating you in a series of five custom-designed photographs. Get creative with this stunning panoramic style statement reflecting those special traits others truly love and adore.

The GENE KELLY Composite

Allows you to create a heart-felt essay of all that you cherish in five delightful photographs that tell your own personal story and capture your personality.

The AUDREY Collection

The MARILYN Collection

The SOPHIA Collection

The GRACE Collection

Rosie Button Photography