Your Experience

It’s more than a photography session – Get ready for your Rosie Button Photography Experience!Your adventure starts by getting to know you before your studio session. During your discovery call, we’ll help you uncover what is special and important to you. We love to help you create photographs that are as unique and individual as you, your relationships with your partner family, pets and loved ones are. Your photographs will the mean the world to you, you can do it!Rosie Button Photography believes in helping you improve your long term life and happiness. That is why we plan your photographic experience with you to get a true understanding of what you value and enjoy the most.

Getting to know you is very important to us. Take some time to be present, and notice some of those things that make your relationships and you unique, you are worth it.

Jayde Johnson

“I’ve been trying to take myself on a self-love journey, my photography experience was a positive step in the right direction, you made me feel really comfortable and beautiful. This was really out of my comfort zone, I’m super, super happy with all of the pictures and I can’t wait to show them off!”


Your Day to Shine

On the day of your session you’ll receive top 5 Star celebrity pampering. Start with a barrista coffee, your selection of organic tea or glass of sparkling champagne, sit back and relax with top hair styling and perfect pinup makeup.

Once your beautiful unique look is created, the precious gem inside you will start to shine even brighter. With expert posing guidance you can be assured that your experience will be completely fun, relaxing and empowering, spoil yourself!

Your Personal Design Consultation

The most exciting part of your Photographic Experience happens shortly after your photo is taken. Your top photographs will be available to customize into contemporary wall art pieces, which will become heirlooms for future generations to enjoy.

Whether it be a natural canvas, sleek acrylic, vibrant metal or classic frame, we ensure your finished product will reflect your vision and flows with your interior décor to accentuate the style of your space. You’ll be proud of displaying your artwork pieces for years to come.

Your experienced Design Consultant is there to help you choose and design your custom Artwork to make the experience fun and enjoyable.

“I’ve never been happier to see pictures of myself. Thank you, Rosie for showing me that I can love pictures of myself.”

Tahlia Marshall

After Your Experience

The adventure doesn’t stop there, whether your photographic wallart is displayed in your boudoir, bathroom, living room or office every day you’ll smile and relive those precious moments over and over again.

All the photographs in your handcrafted artwork and/or albums are archival quality, which is acid free, they won’t change over time. Allowing you to pass your photographs down through your family for generations – so special.

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